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Really intelligent technology is characterized by its use value rather than by its market value.

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No Power Aquaponic Garden

This simple setup allows one to grow plants and fish off the grid.

The advantage of low-tech

Low-tech is more intelligent than high-tech because it solves problems with fewer elements, that is, without unnecessary complications. It follows the philosophical principle called Ockham’s razor. A fridge which works without electricity is superior to one that works with electricity, ceteris paribus. Decentralized solutions are simpler and superior to approaches that involve a central authority.Continue reading “The advantage of low-tech”

Pot-in-pot refrigerator

This is a device that can benefit anyone living off-the-grid and costs very little. The Pot-in-pot refrigerator, also known as zeer (Arabic: زير‎) is an evaporative cooling refrigeration device which does not use electricity. You can preserve food such as vegetables and fruit for many days in the zeer fridge. It uses a porous outerContinue reading “Pot-in-pot refrigerator”

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